World War II

ch 23

Describe the rise to power of Hitelr and Mussolini - why were they able to gain power ?

How did japan threaten world peace in 1931 ?

*Identify: "lend-lease", blitzkrieg. appeasement, Munich Conference, non-aggression pact, Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin, Harry Truman, Pearl Harbor

*What werethe reasons that England and France did not try to stop Hitler as he gegan to take agressive actions ?


ch 24

Identify; Axis powers, Allied powers, Bataan Death march, Battle of Midway, "Europe first" vs "Asia first" policy

Why were japanese Americans sent to internment camps ?

*Describe how the USA mobilized for war (economy, troops, enthusiasm,...)

What was the War Production Board ?

Identify; unconditional surrender, D-Day, Yalta Conference, Battle of the Bulge,

What decisions were made at the Tehran and yalta Conferences ?

*Identify: island hopping, kamikazes, Battle of Leyte Gulf, Manhattan Project, Battle of Iwo Jima,

What war crimes were committed by the Nazis ?

What was the Holocaust ?

Identify: GI Bill of rights, Nuremberg trials, Kristallnacht

*Explain the causes and effects of WW II