World War I


You should know the following

*Causes and effects of WW I

Define and give an example of: militarism, nationalism, arms race, ultimatum, mobilize, neutrality, total war, propaganda, artocity, aristice, reparations, mandate

*Describe the importance:

Alsace and Lorraine, pan-slavism, crisis in the Balkans, the hague, Arch Duke Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary, the Schlieffen Plan, trench warfare,

Describe the Alliances of the World War I era - how did they help lead to war ?

*Describe the new weapons introduced in ww I

How did the war turn into a satalemate ?

What part did women play in the war ?

How did the Russian revolution affect the war ?

Why did the US get involved in the War ?

What were the 14 points ?


Woodrow Wilson, 14 points, Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, Women's Land Army

What happened at the Paris Peace conference ?

What were the conditions of the Treaty of Versailles ?

Describe the importance of : George Clemenceau, David Lloyd George

*= possible essay question