THE 1920's

You should know the following

Red scare, Palmer Raids, John L Lewis, Sacco and VAnzetti

*Describe the post-war economy in the USA - why was it like this ?

What caused the red scare ?

What were the demands of the unions after WW I ?

American Plan, Ohio Gang, Tea Pot Dome Scandal

Explain what harding meant by "nomalcy"

What was the "republican formula"- give specific examples

Describe the presidential election of 1924 - who won ?

Why was Coolidge called a "hands off' president ?

What did Coolidge mean by the statement "The business of America is Business"

flapper, lost generation, Harlem Renaissance

*Describe the popular entertainment of the 1920's

*Describe the developments in literature and music of the time

automobile sales and their effect

consumer developments (ie, credit, advertising) and their effect on society

prohibition, Volstead Act, John Scopes, Clarence Darrow, KKK

What was the effect of prohibitipon

What 4 groups did the KKK attack ? Why ?

*Why was there a rift betwen rural and urban Americans

Be sure to review the 1920's internet activity and popwerpoint presentation, class notes, etc


*= possible essay question

Using specific information to backup your argument, evaluate the validity of this statement (that is, is it correct or incorrect, and WHY ?) : The development of the automobile had little effect on the USA