1 point each

1 ''All men are born and remain free and equal in rights" is one of the main points from this French Document

2 In the French revolution Era the First estate was made up of

3 The second estate was made up of

4 The King of France during the revolution

5 French prison that was attacked on July 14, 1789

6 Group not granted rights under the Declaration of the Rights of Man

7 During this time, rumors of marauders attacking villages spreads through France

8 Document that put the Church in France under State control

A Great Fear

ABC The Bastille

B Civil Constitution on the Clergy

ABD tricolor

C Louis XVI

ABE Jews

D Marie Antoinette

CDE those who did not own land

E clergy

CD Declaration of the Rights of Man

AB nobles

CE Napoleon

AC peasants



9 Person who provided financial support in the renaissance

10 Artistic technique that creates a 3 dimensional appearance

11 A government run by church leaders

12 To cancel

13 The force that keeps the planets in orbit around the sun

14 Author of The Prince

15 An Italian painter and inventor

16 Reformer who believed in predestination

17 Reformer who established the Church of England

18 Wealthy merchant and patron of the arts

19 The Catholic Church’s response to the reformers was called

20 What the renaissance artists strove for

21 Person who invented the printing press

22 Person who was Christian humanist

23 Where the renaissance began

A Erasmus

AC theocracy

B France

AD Lorenzo de’ Medici

C annul

AE Machiavelli

D John Calvin

CD realism

E Henry VIII

CE Gutenberg

AB patron

ABC humanism

AC Martin Luther

ABD Queen Elizabeth II

AD oil paints

ABE Michelangelo

AE Northern Italy

ABCD Rapael

BC perspective

ABDE recant

BD Counter Reformation

ABCDE gravity

BE Leonardo Da Vinci

ABDE England


24 A ruler who has complete authority over the government and the lives of the people

25 The belief that authority to rule comes from God

26 A government in which a constitution or legislative body limits the monarch's power

27 Principle that states a person cannot be held in prison without being charged with a crime

28 Author of Don Quixote

29 French Cardinal who strengthened the power of the monarch by decreasing the power of the nobility

30 First Stuart king of England

31 Empress of Russia who began state supported education for boys and girls

32 French King who built a palace at Versailles

33 Leader of the Roundheads in the English civil war

34 Ruler of Russia who modernized the nation

35 Group loyal to the king in the English Civil war

36 Group that opposed the king in the English Civil War

37 Peter the great wanted Russian culture to be more like that of _____

A habeus corpus ABC divine right

B Richelieu ABD Charles I

C Catherine the Great ABE James I

D Peter the Great ABCD Louis XIV

E Cromwell ABCDE Elizabeth II

AB Caviliers BCDE Catholics

AC Roundheads BDE Huguenots

AD Cervantes BCE democracy

AE El Greco ACDE limited monarchy

BC Lope De Vega ADE opened school for girls

BD China ABCDE lead government takeover of Churches

BE absolute monarch BCD Tudor

ABD Stewart ABCD Peace of Westphalia

ABDE western europe

38 An agreement in which people give up some of their rights for an organized society

39 The natural forces of supply and demand are called ____

40 A social gathering in which artists and writers exchanged ideas

41 A grand and complex style of art and architecture

42 Said" I do not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it"

43 Believed in a separation of powers in government

44 English political party loyal to the King

45 English political party loyal to the Parliament

46 Editor of the Encyclopedia

47 Whig leader often called England's first Prime minister

A whig ACD free market

B "Common Sense" ACE Robert Walpole

C Social contract ABDE enlightened despot

D communism ABCE Physiocrats

E salon

AB baroque

AC Declaration of Independence

AD Tory

AE Voltaire

BC Montesquieu

BD Locke

BE Hobbs

ABD Act of Union

ABE Diderot


  1. The movement of people from the country to cities

49 An economic system in which society owns large farms and businesses

50 A form of socialism that focuses on ending class struggle

51 The working class

52 The middle class factory owners

53 The founder of modern communism

54 Philosophy that promoted the idea of "the greatest amount of happiness for the greatest number of people"

55 Theory that stated workers should be paid only a subsistence wage

56 Theory that states government should not interfere in business

57 Inventor who improved the steam engine

58 Founder of the Methodist church

59 Economist who predicted that population growth would outpace the food supply

60 This movement, which increased farm production, was called

61 New social class that developed as a result of the industrial revolution

62 Type of art developed in the industrial revolution that depicted outdoor scenes and focussed on color and texture

63 Based on the concept of workers buying raw materials and bringing them back to their homes for production

A utilitarianism BE urbanization DAB Joseph Stalin

B enclosure movement ABC David Ricardo CAB the minimum wage

C Karl Marx ABD Iron Law of Wages of 1842

D Jeremy Bentham ABE Adam Smith DAE Robert Fulton

E Thomas Malthus BCD Laissez Faire

AB socialism BCE communism

AC Lower class ABD Middle class

AD impressionism ABE John Wesley

AE romanticism ABDE realism

BC James Watt ABCD bourgeoisie

BD proletariat ABCDE Cottage industry