Modern World - ch. 22

Define interchangeable parts, assembly line, cartel

How did industrialization spread in the 1800's

Why did some nations catch up to England so quickly while others, took much longer

Describe the important inventions of the period and their inventors

*Explain why one might say the world was 'shrinking' during this time

Identify, Loius Pasteur, Robert koch, Florence Nightengale, Joseph Lister

*Describe the advances in science and medicine during this time

*What are three ways in which city life changed in the later industrial revolution

*Describe the advantages, disadvantages, and effects of industrialization. How do these relate to today? Be sure to include information from class discussion

Define ; women's suffrage, racism, social gospel

What were the goals of the womens movement

Describe the development of public education

Describe the social order of the late industrial revolution

What was the "furor' over Chrles Darwin - explain in detail

Describe the developments in the arts during this time, especially:

romanticism, realism, impressionism, the orchestra, Beethoven and Eroica, Charles Dickens and Oliver Twist , impressionists, post-impressionists, Charlotte Bronte, Emily Bronte