The age of asolutism



Who were the early absolute monarchs ?

define: divine right, absolute monarch

Importance of Ferdinand, Isabella, Phillip

painters and writers of Spain's golden age and their works

Importance of : Henry IV, Richelieu

Louis XIV




*How did Colbert, Louis XIV, and Richelieu increase the power of the french monarchy ?

Tudors and Stuarts of England

Development of parliament

Importance of Chrles I


The glorious revolution

petition of right, habeas corpus, bill of rights

limited monarchy

30 years war

the Hapsburg dynasty

Maria Theresa

Peace of Westphailia

Frederick the great

What methods were used to maintain a balance of power in Europe

Development of absolute monarchy in russia

*Peter the Great and achievements

*Catherine the great and achievments

* Evaluate the accuracy of this statement: An effective ruler must have absolute power. Use specific examples to back up yuor argument


* all lecture material and material from internet activities


*=possible essay question