Modern World History - Renaissance and Reformation

You should know the following:





Medici family

Renaissance artists and authors and their works

Albrecht Durer



Thomas More and Utopia

Shakespeare and his works

Cervantes, Don quixote

Development of the printing press and effects of this revolution

Causes of the renaissance


Martin Luther, 95 theses, refusal to recant 

John Calvin, predestination 

John Tetzel, indulgences 

Luther's main teachings 

The Peace of Augsburg


How Calvin believed society should be sturctured 

The spread of calvinism 

Other reformers: Henry VIII, Act of Supremacy, Church of England, annul,  

Scientific revolution - new view of the world (explain) 

heliocentric, gravity,  

Importance of and ideas of Newton, Copernicus, Ptolmey, Brahe, Galileo, Descatres, Veslius, Harvey

The Catholic reformation - Counter reformation 

Coucil of trent - What was decided here 

Ignatius of Loyola, Jesuits 

Teresa of Avila 



Results of the Catholic reformation 


Essay questions


1 Explain the causes and effects of the reformation - use specific information

2 What was the Council of Trent ? What was stated there ?

3 List the "reformers" and describe their beliefs and why these beliefs made them "reformers"

 4  What were the causes of the Renaissance, and why did it begin in Italy ?

Using specific information, evaluate the accuracy of each of the following staement in essay form. That is, construct an argument to show that the statement is either accurate or inaccurate.

4 Many medical and scientific advances were made during this period

5 The people of this time period were not internested in new ideas or change