The Fench Revolution

*Describe each of the three estates of France and the part each played in the revolution

*Describe, in detail, the benefits of the French Revolution

Define :deficit spending, bourgeosie, cahhiers, sans cullottes, emigres

*Compare and contrast the Declaration on the Rights of Man and the Declaration of Independance

What was contained in the Civil Constitution on the Clergy ?

What was the Declaration of Pilnitz ? How was it related to the revolution ?

Describe the effects of the Fench revolution

Identify: Committee on Public Safety, Directory, Robespierre, suffrage, nationalism - How was each related to the revolution ?

What was theReign of Terror - What were the results of it ?

Describe the Causes and effects of the French Revolution

* Compare and contrast the French Revolution, The American Revolution, and the Glorious Revolution. You shuold deal with at least two of the three areas of : Documents, Causes, and Results of each revolution

Identify: Napoleonic Code, Napoleon, consulate, Concordat of 1801, Continental System,

*Describe the reforms instituted by Napoleon - How did they extend the revoltution, how did they turn back the reforms of the revolution ?

Identify: Waterloo, abdicate, Congress of Vienna

What lead to Napoleon's downfall - explain

*= possible essay questions