What is the geographic setting of Greece

Explain the importance of the Minoans

What are frescoes

Explain the importance of the Achaean civilization

What was the Trojan War and how did we learn about it

What was the structure of the early Greek city-states

*Describe the government of early Athens and how it affected the development of democracy

What was the place of women in Athens

What is meant by "the Spartan way of life"

What were the persian wars, peloponnesian wars

Also know the important people involved in Greek History

*Explain the religious beliefs of the Greeks

*Describe the different aspects of Greek dramas and literature

How did Greek philosophy shape the Greek view of the world

Explain the basic ideas of Plato, Aristotle and Socrates

Why was Herodotus important

Explain the importance of :

Phillip of Macedonia

Alexander the Great

*What were the scientific achievements of the Greeks

What were the beliefs of the stoics and Epicureans


*= possible essay question