Early world chapter 7, Early Americans Study Guide

Notes from Early American Power Point

Define tribute

How did Early American arrive in North America

What was the Agricultural revolution, what were its effects

What was the first North american Civilization

Describe the Mayans and the Aztecs, society, social classes, accomplishments, religious beleifs practices

Define quipu

Who were the Incas, where did they come from

Describe their government, farming methods, and religious practices

You should also be familiar with important people, capital cities, etc. for the above

Incas: Explain the importance of Mohica, Pachacuti, Inti, Chosen women

Define: potlach, kiva

Describe the following tribes in terms of their daily life, accomplishments, etc:

Anasazi, Hohokams, Moundbuilders, Inuits, Iroquois , Iroquois league