Study guide - Roman Empire

You should be familiar with the following

Define republic

Social classes (patricians, plebeians, etc)

*The government officials( consul, dictator, tribune senate)

*Define: veto, Laws of 12 tables

Describe the Punic wars

Who was Hannibal

Describe the reforms of Julius Caesar

What were the triumvirates

Define: princeps

*Describe the Roman religion: gods, similarities to the greeks, religious beliefs, practices

Describe the importance of Hadrian, Augustus, Pax Romana, The Circus Maximus


Define : aqueduct

*What were the roman achievements in the following areas: art, architecture, science, engineering, literature ?

Describe the development of Christianity

Define: sect, apostle, epistle, messiah, martyr, bishop, pope, heresy

*Describe three basic teachings of Christianity

What was the Edict of Milan, who issued it ?



How did Dilcetian and Constnatine try to restore order describe their reforms ?

*Using specific examples, explain the causes of the fall of the roman empire


ALSO need to review material from internet activities, powerpoints, and handouts