Early world history ch 3

What are the three regions of India - describe each

Define: monsoon, sub-continent

Describe the Indus Valley Civilization (planned cities, religious beliefs, farming and trade


Define: caste, brahman, mysitc, rajah

* Describe the Aryans and their society (religious beliefs, caste system, social classes, vedas, literature, etc



Describe the shang and zhou dynasties ( dates, religious beliefs, history, social classes, achievements

Describe the geography of the middle kingdom

Define; calligraphy, loess, oracle bone, ideographs, mandate of heaven, feudalism, dynastic cycle

Describe the achievements of the Chinese

*Describe the beliefs and practices and Hinduism and Buddhism

* Describe in detail the develppment of the Indus Valley civilization (fetures, achievements, religious beliefs/practices, etc.)

 *= possible essay question