Early World History - chapter 1, handouts, activities, etc.

You should know the following

prehistory, archaeology, artifact, technology, gegraphy, latitude, longitude

What do archaeologists do ?

Describe two methods of determining the age of an object


nomad, glacier

Paleolithic and Neolithis ages, dates, characteristics of people

What can burial customs tell us about early people

*Describe how the lives of neolithic farmers differed from that of the paleolithic hunter-gatherer (be specific)

*Describe the different stages of human development (internet activity)

bureauracy, polytheistic, artisan, pictogram,scribe, city-state, cultural diffusion, empire

*List and explain the features of a civilization

Why did organized governments develop ?

Describe the social classes of early civilizations

What were the first writing systems ?


Be sure to review the early humans Power Point and Internet activities from the course web site



* above


Using specific information to backup your argument, evaluate the validity of this statement (that is is correct or incorrect, and why ?): Early humans saw no need for religious beliefs