How FDR addresses the banking crisis

Fireside chat

Bank holiday

The three R's of the new Deal

*Name and explain New Deal programs

Explain how banks and the stock market were reformed

Why and when did we go off of the gold standard

American liberty league

Know the critics of the New Deal and how their ideas differed from FDR's


What was the second new deal and why was it called this

What was the controversy over the Supreme Court

Growth of labor unions

*Effect on and gains made by minorities during the New Deal- Black Americans, Mexican Americans, American Indians

Effect of the New deal on Women - role of Eleanor Roosevelt

Depression era art - styles, artists, themes

Movies, actors



When did the New Deal end ?

Why were there few laws proposed after 1937 ?

What were the long term effects of the New Deal ?


*7 areas of impact of the New Deal


*= possible essay

* - all in formation from powerpoints, internet activities, notes, etc