Sociology-Semester Presentation











 x7    Research paper- Students will research and write a paper on their chosen topic dealing with Sociology


Shows Excellent effort and organization. Well documented, at least 3 sources. Well written, thorough coverage of the topic, 2 or fewer mechanical errors
Shows a very good effort, well organized, uses 2 sources, good coverage of the topic, 3-4 mechanical errors
Needs a better effort, organization needs improvement, little more than a surface coverage of the topic, 4-5 mechanical errors, uses 2 sources
Little effort is evident, poorly organized thoughts, significant information is left out, 6 or more errors, 1 source is used . Little more than a regurgitation or copy  of others work

  x4  PowerPoint- Students will develop and present an Power Point presentation to the class 

15 or more slides, includes at least 5 graphics related to the topic. Relevant information is included, presentation is well organized, prior preparation is evident, easily followed by audience

13-14 slides, 4 graphics related to the topic, includes good information, shows good organization 

11-12 slides, 3 graphics, needs to include more significant/relevant information, lacking in organization, hard for audience to follow

10 or fewer slides, 2 or fewer graphics, much significant information is omitted, poorly organized, 

x3  Class Presentation of report and PowerPoint
12 minutes, shows excellent preparation, conversational in tone, excellent organization of slide show
10-11 minutes, good preparation and organization of the slideshow 
9-10 minutes, needs to be better prepared for presentation, needs better organization of slides
8 minutes or less, little preparation is evident, poorly organized. Presentation, presentation is simply read
x2  Overall organization of project
All due dates are met, student is ready to present at assigned time. Overall project is excellent, shows a good grasp of the field of sociology
One due date is missed, Final project ready on final due date, overall project is well done
Two due dates are missed, Final project ready on due date,  overall project needs more focus on the chosen topic
Student is in school but does not present on assigned date, unclear how the presentation relates to sociology 

 Written by Mark Neal