Introduction to Sociology

For this project,  you will be choosing a topic that is covered in your textbook (social issues would probably work the best).  Each student will  give a presentation to the class on his/her chosen topic.
For the topic you choose, you will need to research the topic in general, its history, various opinions, current status, etc.

You will then develop the following:
3 1/2 -4 page research paper in which you will give general overview of the topic, its history, various perspectives (focusing on the one you have chosen for your paper), that is, touch on both sides of the issue, and your own opinion (and
WHY)   For the paper, you are to use at least 3 sources and include a full bibliography and documentation

You will also create a PowerPoint of 15 slides and 5 graphics dealing with your topic.  This should give a good overview of your topic


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