Social Problems

In this course, you will be studying a variety of social, ethical, and moral issues.  The course will begin with an introduction to the fields of Sociology, Philosophy, and Ethics. We will then spend the remainder of the term looking at at a variety  of issues.  Among them: capital punishment, euthanasia, abortion, race and ethnic relations, sexism, poverty, medical ethics, and others as time permits.  We will be researching the basic information regarding these issues, and looking at the differing perspectives relating to the issues.

As part of the course work, each student will choose a topic for further research and for a class presentation.

In a course such as this we will be discussing some controversial issues.  You opinion on these issues will have no bearing on your grade.  However, you will be asked to learn to defend your opinion. This will need to go beyond, "Because I think so", etc.  It is my hope that you will learn to form an informed opinion and develop an effective argument for you position on various issues of our time.

For further information see the overall class expectations