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Internet World History : Current Assignments  

Grade Criteria for Short (1-2 pages) Essays Semester Term Paper Directions  Due Dates COURSE CHAT ROOM

Click here for study guides ( these are not all inclusive, but a good guide, no essay questions on this test)


Due Dates

Nov 30, pick up Ch 27 packet. Due: December7 Pick up for review December 9

Read and take notes on the following PowerPoints: World War I: Causes

Weapons of World War I

End of World War I


World War I internet activity Due December 6th

Rough Draft of Semester research paper Due December 10 Pick up on the 17th

Unit Test December 14; Come to room 417 the first half of 4th period (7:20 in the morning for Chorus students)



I will be available in the course chat room Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm. I can also be found in the East Faculty area or room 417.