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Internet World History : Current Assignments  

Grade Criteria for Short (1-2 pages) Essays Semester Term Paper Directions  Due Dates COURSE CHAT ROOM

Click here for study guides ( these are not all inclusive, but a good guide, no essay questions on this test)


Due Dates

Nov 16, pick up Ch 24 packet. Due Nov 22 Pick up for review Nov 23

Read and take notes on the following PowerPoint:The move toward Democracy

Political, Social, and Economic reforms of the Industrial Revolution Due November 19

Reforms of the Industrial Revolution Essay: Due Nov 23

Unit Test Nov 30; Come to room 417 the first half of 4th period (7:20 in the morning for Chorus students)



I will be available in the course chat room Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm. I can also be found in the East Faculty area or room 417.