Internet Advanced Modern World History Research Paper

For this assignment, you will be writing an 6-8 page (typed, double-spaced) research paper. For your topic, you will choose a person or an event from the time period between the Renaissance and the modern era. The paper is to include the following:

1. A summary of the importance, accomplichments, etc. of the person/event.

2. A description of the person/events's effect on society/the world of the time period in question

3. Your analysis of the effect of your topic on the Modern Era

For #2-3 above you are to use specific examples

Due Dates

Grade Criteria


The paper as explained in #1-3 above. Your grade for this portion of the of the assignment will depend on how well you are able to integrate #1-3 into a well written paper

3 very well done

2 could be better, need to include further information

1 poorly written




3 Use of at least 4 sources is evident do not use the textbook or encyclopedias, credible sources are used

2 It is evident that fewer than four sources are used, need to use stronger sources

1 It appears that 2 or fewer sources have been used, bibliography not included



Documentation of sources

3 properly cites sources within the paper (endnotes or interneal documentation)

2 Documentation is incomplete

1 documentation is unacceptable



Paper is written in words of student

3 Paper is written in words of student

2 Some of paper is simply copied from other sources

1 Much of paper is simply copied (Note: Plagerism will result in a grade of ZERO for the entire paper)




3 2-3 grammatical mechanical errors

2 4-5 grammatical/ mechanical errors

1 6 or more errors


See me if you have any questions


Due Dates:

Topic choice (signup in room 417) - only one person per topic Due: Sept. 1

Outline (in proper outline format) and list of sources to be used Due: October 12

Rough Draft (also turn in outline again with the rough draft) Due; December 10 - Pick up on the 17th

Final Draft (also turn in rough draft) Due : Jan. 10th