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Internet World History : Current Assignments  

Grade Criteria for Short (1-2 pages) Essays Semester Term Paper Directions  Due Dates COURSE CHAT ROOM

Reminder: Class for Chorus students is 7:15 AM Tuesdays; for others: class is first half of 4th periodTuesdays.


Due Dates

-Read and take notes on the following Powerpoints: Renaissance, Reformation, Counter Reformation Due by test date

Listen to and take notes on the Audio Presentations over the Renaissance and Reformation (the first two rows)

- Signup for Research Topic in room 417 Due by Sept.1 (only one person per topic) 5 points if done on time, 0 points if late

Renaissance Assignment Due September 1 (10 points)

Renaissance Essay Due Sept 3 (15 points)

Famous People of the Rennaissance Assignment Due SKIP or do for 5 points extra credit Due sept .3 - no late work accepted

Reformation Internet Assignment Due Sept. 7 (10 points)

Textbook packet Due Sept 9

Test Renaissance/ Reformation - report to room 417 During Study portion of Lunch Period ( or at 7:15 in the morning for Chorus students) Sept 14

Unit 2 assignments - The Explorers (ch. 16)


I will be available in the course chat room Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm. I can also be found in the East Faculty area or room 417.