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Internet World History : Current Assignments  

Grade Criteria for Short (1-2 pages) Essays Semester Term Paper Directions  Due Dates COURSE CHAT ROOM

Click here for study guides ( these are not all inclusive, but a good guide, no essay questions on this test)


Due Dates

Due to this being the first time for this course, we did not quite get to where I had intended. This final unit should bring you up to the present.

Dec 14, pick up final packet. Due: Jan 7(YOU MAY TURN THEM IN EARLIER)Pick up for review JAN 10

Read and take notes on the following PowerPoints:

The Russian Revolution

The Great Depression

The begining of the Cold War


Internet Activities

New Deal Internet Activity Due Jan 5

The Road to World War II internet activity Due Jan 6

World War II , Cold War, the end of the Cold War Due Jan 7


Fianl Draft of Semester research paper Due Jan 10, 2000 (turn in a printed copy)

Semester Final : Thurs. Jan, 13 - 4th period ; Come to room 417 4th period (8:00 in the morning for Chorus students)



I will be available in the course chat room Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm. I can also be found in the East Faculty area or room 417.