Intro to Social Studies: Study Guide Ch. 1


You should know the following:

What are the three steps of the problem solving process - give examples

Define perception, how do our perceptions lead us to action

What is a thought pattern - give an example other than the one in the book

Define conceptualization, reaction, experience pattern, Give an example of an experience pattern other than the one in the textbook

Explain why it is important to be able to identify central issuesin a given problem

Be able to make comparisons in the solving of a problem

Define relevant, irrelevant, what do these terms have to do with thought patterns ?

Know the difference between open-ended and closed-ended questiones and be able to give examples of each

Be able to distinguish between facts, opinions, and inferences

Be able to check a given statement for consistency

Define; assumption

Define: stereotype, cliche- give examples

Define propaganda, bias, and ideology

Explain the seven techniques of propaganda

What is a causeand effect relationship, what is multiple causation

Explain the method of induction, deduction

Define syllogism

How can analogies be used to solve problems