Intro to Social Studies : Study Skills Newsletter Project

In this project, you will be working in small groups 4-5 (no more than five). You will be researching the topic : Study Skills. Your group will be responsible for producing a newsletter for students on the topic of study skills. You Newsletter should be about 5 pages in length and is to contain at least 6 articles(at least 3 paragraphs per article) dealing with study skills. You should also include at least 4 pictures related to the topic. These may come from the internet. Below, you will find some helpful internet links for this project.

To create a Newsletter:

Appleworks 6

Open Appleworks, then from starting points, click on the "web" tab . From there, click on "templates", then go to "class newsletter" and save the template to your folder under a new file name. You may then edit the template to create your Newsletter

Grade criteria

Format: x2
3 Done in a Newsletter format, follows above directions
2 Does not follow all directions
1 Not done in newsletter format.

Articles x5
3 6 articles, well written, clear explanation of the study skill being described 0-3 mechanical (spelling, grammar, etc.) errors, follows all directions
2 5 articles, needs to be made more clear, 4-6 errors
1 fewer than 6 articles, and/or 7 or more errors, poorly written, does not follow all directions

Pictures x2

3 4 pictures are used
2 3 pictures
1 0-2 picture