The road to war

1 When was the attack on pearl Harbor ?

2 How many ships were in the harbor when it was attacked ?


click to the right for President Roosevelt's speech to congress after the attack on Pearl Harbor fdr1.wav

3 Who were the "doom and gloom boys "

Go to this site;

4 Explain the cartoon from the above site






5 Describe the isolationist sentiments of the US before WW II

6 Briefly describe each of the Neutrality Acts


7 Briefly describe the events leading up to the United State's involvement in WW II (1-2 paragraphs)

Explain FDR's "lend- lease" program.

In your textbook : in chapter 23

What was appeasement ? Why didn't it work ? (sec 4)

Explain the importance of the Munich Conference and the Non Agression Pact (sec 4)

How and why did facist dictators ridse to power in Europe (sec3). Use specific information: names, events, etc.