Short Essay (1-2 pages) Grade Criteria


3 2 1
Uses a variety of sources as directed; uses credible sources, gives credit to sources in essay Does not follow directions, need to use more credible sources Uses too few or poor souces; does not document sources in essay

Backs up thesis with ample facts

Uses some facts to backup argument; needs more Few if any specific facts or information is used in the essay; too general

Good structure; a clear opening, body, and summary/conclusion; essay is easy to follow

Needs to be better organized, difficult to follow; the point of the essay is unclear Poorly organized and written; lacks order and clarity; little evidence of efort or preparation

Follows directions as given; i.e., summarize, compare/contrast, critique, etc

There is evidence of an attempt to follow the directions Does not follow given directions
1-2 grammtical/mechanical errors 3 grammatical/mechanical errors 4 or more grammaitical/ mechanical errors
Essay is written in the words of the student, typed Portions of essay are simply copied from sources Much of the essay is simply copied, not typed