Absolute Monarchy in Russia


Go to the following site and answer the questions that follow:




1 How did peter the Great strengthen the cenral rule of Russia ?




2 How did Peter make these changes work ?



3 Do you think this would work today ? Why ? Why not ? Be specific



4 Go to the link for "Peter the Great" in the section for states of Eastern Europe, under section E number 6,- What was the result of Peter's visit to western Europe ?




Catherine the Great

5 What were the achievements of Catherine the Great ?



6 How did she favor the Russian gentry (nobles) ? Give specific examples




7 Peter and Catherine were both important in making Russia a modern nation. Using the above information and that from your book, write a paragraph, explaining why the above is a true statement (That is, how did their actions make Russia a more modern nation ?) .  Use specific examples in your essay.


 Go to the following website: http://www.virtualclassroom.net/tvc/ausprus/index.htm

8 What were the causes of the thirty years war ? Be specific


9 What were the results of the Thirty years war ? be specific



10 Why was Maria Theresa important ?


11 How was the balance of power maintained in Europe in the 1750's ?