Types of Pollution


Air Pollution


How much of the smoke in our atmosphere(from England) is generated in People's home and what is the major source of this pollution ?



What are particulates and problems can they cause ?



What are radio nuclides and what can they cause ?


Explain the difference between natural radiation and man-made radiation. Give specific examples.


According to the graph below, whaere does most radiation come from ? How might we deal with this problem ? Explain.




What is noise pollution ?


What are four types of noise pollution ?


Which of these do you think is the most serious ? WHY ?




What are the sources of water pollution ?


What are the effects of water pollution ?




Review the types of pollution studied so far (from the textbook and internet); which do you think is thre most dangerous ? Why ? Explain in essay form (1-2 paragraphs, use specific information to back up your opinion).