Latin American History


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1 What is one thing the Aztecs remembered for today ?


2 Why did they believe this was necessary ?

3 Where did the Aztecs live ?

4 How did the Aztecs survive

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5 At the time of its collaspe, what modern day countries were part of the Inca empire ?

6 What were the factors leading to the collapse of the Inca empire ?

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7 Describe the relgious beliefs of the Incas


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8 Describe the main social customs of the Incas



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9 Where did the Maya live and long did this civilization last ?

10 What were the best known features of the mayan civilization ?

11 Describe the religipous beliefs of the Mayas


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12 Define the following:



13 What did these people beleive were their rights as conquerors ?

14 How did they treat the Indians ?

15 Who conquered mexico and the Aztecs ? Why were they able to do this ?

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16 What diseases did the Europeans bring ?

17 Why were the Indians so suceptable ?