Political, Social, and Economic reforms of the Industrial Revolution


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1 Go to section 2: Describe what Marx meant by a 'class struggle".


Read Marx's "predictions for the future" Was he accurate or not ? Explain.

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3 In complete sentences, explain the principle of Laissez Faire

4 What did Thomas malthus believe would be the effect of poulation growth ?

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5 What was done by each of the following:

Reform Bill of 1867

Ballot Act of 1872

Reform Bill of 1884

6 What actions did England's parliment take with regard to laobr unions ?

Young girls working in a Mill

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7 Who was Edwin Chadwick / What did he do ?

8 Where did the wealthy and the poor live in London ?


9 Why did the population rise so much during this period - give specific information


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10 Why was London called a "World City" ? Use SPECIFIC information in your explanation


11 Explain why there was social tension in Victorian London


12 What was the "iron law of wages? ? Explain Use the same link as for question #1


Socialism - go to anlaysis link

13 Explain the beleifs of socialism with regard to the state, economics, and ownership