In this assignment, you will be comparing a variet of historical documents to examine to topics of States' Rights and the Power of the Federal Government.


You will first go to this site: of Confederation)

1 What decisions needed to be approved by the states ?


2 How many votes were given to each state ?

3 Why were the Articles of Confederation more beneficial to smaller states ?



Go to this site: Federalist Papers)


4 Each person will be assigned two of the Federalist Papers: You are to look for arguments for a stronger federal government and for arguments limiting the power of individual states- List specific arguments



5 Describe a recent example of how the Federal government has overridden the decision of a state government


Go to this site: (The US Constitution)


6 Find and list specific articles and sections that shifted power from the state governments to the federal government.



7 Discuss (in writing): Has the federal government become too strong. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a strong federal government ?



Adapted from a lesson by Rod Haenke and Kathleen Housley, Classroom Connect inc.