For this assignment, you will be gathering information about the reformation using the following links to answer the related questions.

  1. List the social and political factors that helped bring about the reformation
  2. What were the weaknesses of the Catholic church at the time of the reformation ?


3 What were the central beliefs of Protestantism ?

  1. List and in your own words, briefly explain the four causes of the Reformation


    1 What were the practices and teachings of the church that Luther objected to ?

  2. Why did people support Luther ?


For the following questions go to: Reformation Powerpoint



  1. Who were two of the "earliest reformers", and what did they object to about the Church ?



2 Why did Luther criticize John Tetzel ? be specific





3 What were the 95 Theses, and why were they important ?




4 Explain the three main ides of Martin Luther’s teachings