Declaration of Independence: Student Worksheet

Each student (or group) will have a copy of the Declaration of Independance DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE

Part I: As Individuals

1. On the document underline the following and letter your answer starting at the first word of the answer:

a. What is the purpose of the Declaration?
b. What three natural or unalienable rights do men have?
c. Governments get their power from whom?
d. What must people do if government abuses its power?

2. On the Declaration, number the grievances found. (Hint: there are twenty-eight.)

3. Underline the "action" part of the document. (What are the signers going to do?)

4. Place brackets around the part that shows the compact or pledge of the signers.

Part II: In a Group:

1. In your groups, discuss why the grievances are actually the causes of the Revolution.

2. On a separate sheet of paper entitled "Causes of the Revolution," the group should list ten of the causes of the American Revolution. Here you are to find a website that discusses the causes of the revolution - List the Address of the Site.

3. Put a star next to the three causes your group feels were the most important. At the bottom of the page justify why the group chose these causes. Hand in your group assignment to the teacher. Part two of the assignment is to be typed. Assignment is worth 20 points if all parts of the assignment are done completely