Mutual Fund Project

For this project, you will be learning about the basis workings of the stock market.  For the purposes of the project, you will have $50,000 of other people's money to invest. You will be creating your own mutual fund. This can be invested in the stocks (at least 10 companies) of your choice, but you will need to be able to justify your purchases to the investors. 

You will need to research the stocks and decide which would be the best investments.  You will track the stocks daily to check on the status of your investments.

You will also be developing a presentation on the stocks you have chosen to include in your mutual fund.  The presentation will include

  1. Mpower (at least 12 slides, 4 graphics) detailing the stocks you have included in your  fund- this will be presented to the class
  2. Spreadsheet tracking  (including chart(s)  of your fund's daily  performance
3  a promotional brochure dealing with your fund in which you will be trying to attract investors.  This should be creative, visually appealing, and include graphics

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