Economics - Textbook Project

For this project, you will be creating your own Economics Textbook. The book is to include 3 chapters of 3-5 pages in length. It should have a "textbook" layout. That is, columns, graphics, broken into sections, section reviews, etc. (For help with the layout go to Appleworks, and templates for some page layout ideas and guides.

Your book is to include the following:

For the project, you are to use sources other than you textbook (at least 3) and include a full bibliography

Some helpful sources:

Sample topics: Banking Basics, Investing, Starting a business, The Stock Market, Buying a Home, Government regulation, Unemployment and inflation, Marketing, The American Worker, Taxation, The world economy……………








Layout x4

3 Textbook layout, follows directions, visually appealing

  1. more of an essay type layout, does not follow directions
  2. 1 poorly done, difficult to follow, unorganized

    Content x8

  3. good content, relevant, good use of sources
  1. need to use better information
  1. poorly information, much is from course text


Assessments x5

  1. each section includes a review and key, each chapter includes test and key, follows direction
  1. does not follow all directions, missing 1 component
  1. poorly done, missing more than one component


Visuals x6

  1. includes all required visuals, well done, visually appealing
  1. does not follow all directions

1 poorly done

All parts of the project are to be typed or computer generated.



/69 points