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Term Project

Textbook project

Economics Current Events


Links for Adam Smith

Links for Jeremy Bentham

A Guide to the economy
Financial Market Information The Origins of Money and Banking
Gov't and control of the Money Supply  


Internet Activities

Introduction to Economics

Economic Systems

Poverty trends activity

Ch 13 Section 1 Crossword

Mutual Funds project
Economics Intro Crossword Chapter 1 sec 2 worksheet 
Buying a Home

Buying vs. Renting  (

The economics of home buying

Furnishing A home



Supply and Demand

Supply and Demand 2

Supply and demand crossword


Investment Basics

Stocks and Bonds

Certificates of Deposit


What is your money personality

Calculate length of time to pay off a loan (go to invention 1)

Credit Activity


Consumer decisions

Government Regulation


Price of Gas- Is it that high ?





The Money Supply


Introduction to Macroeconomics

Thinking like and economist


Saving Introduction to Economics

Tools used by economists

Stocks and Bonds Economic Goals of Society

Economic Systems

Consumer Choices Establishing credit
Costs of operating a vehicle

Financing a home



Supply and Demand; Prof. John Abowd- Cornell University

Elasticity- Prof John Abowd