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Case Studies


You will choose one of the following cases to write about. Using two sources that you will locate, construct an argument as to what you think should be done with the subject of the case; assuming that each person has been found guilty. Write in essay format. Include a bibliography. The essay should be 3/4/ - 1 page in length. 20 points

A: The subject is a seventeen year old black male from a poor family. He can't afford a lawyer and has been provided with a court appointed attorney who is also handling 8 other cases. Situation: A knife thought to be the murder weapon was found with the finger prints of the suspect on it. The victim was an elderly woman who had been stabbed 12 times and robbed of her social security check. The suspect said he found the knife when he checked to see if she was still alive. There were no eye witnesses. He was convicted. Was this right ? What should be done now that he has been convicted.

B: The subject was driving while intoxicated (blood alcohol level was 3 times that needed to be considered drunk) While driving east on the interstate he crossed the median into the west bound lanes. He then struck a school bus full of children. All 28 people aboard were killed. The drunk driver suffered minor injuries. His lawyer contends that the damage would have been less severe if the children had been in seat belts and that the bus would not have burst into flames if it had not been on the interstate traveling at a higher rate of speed than school busses are intended for. He does not believe that his client should be held totally liable. What should be done ?

C: A 28 year old white female has been found guilty of drowning her 3 children. Her lawyer states that she was under a great deal of stress as her husband had just left her and two of the children were mentally disabled while the other was physically disabled. She just could not handle it anymore. She will plead not guilty by reason of temporary insanity. If accepted this plea would mean she would never go to jail. What should be done ?

E: The subject is a 27 year old white male. he has admitted killing 12 female college students - all by strangulation. He says he does not care what happens to him including being sentenced to death and he says he is not sorry for what he has done. This person has an IQ of 73 (borderline mentally retarded) and was abused by his father until he left home at the age of 15. How responsible is this person ? What should be done ? Is the death penalty an option here ?

F: The subject is a 38 year old psychologist. He admits to killing his wife but says that he did so because she was the anti christ and society had to be protected from her. He is diagnosed with a serious mental illness. His lawyer says he should be found not guilty by reason of temporary insanity. In this case he could eventually be set free. What should be done ad why ?