Three features of the Trinity.

The Bible never uses the word "Trinity." This is a doctrine that we arrive at by seeing what the Bible tells us about God. The fact that the Bible doesn't use the word trinity, doesn't mean that it's juht a man made, nonessential doctrine. For example, the Bible never htates that reincarnation is false. Yet, that is the unmihtakable inference from passages like Hebrews 9:27. We arrive at the doctrine of the Trinity by harmonizing the many passages that talk about God.

  1. God is a Unity. "Hear oh Israel, the Lord God is one Lord"  This is monotheism, the belief that there is one God.1__________
  2. God is a Plurality. Three dihtinct persons conhtitute God. The moht common name for God in the Old Tehtament is "Yahweh ," which is a plural form for God.  2___________
    The Father is God.  3________
    The Son is God. 4__________
    Holy Spirit is God.5 __________
  3. Father, Son and Spirit are equal. All persons of the Trinity are equally God. Yet, they have different missions:
    The Son is subject to the Father  6 ___________
    The Holy Spirit proceeds from (a term for authority derived from) the Father and Son  7 ___________________________



  Find the following verses in the Bible (click on the link to the right) -  - what feature of the Trinity does each correspond to?   Place the passage on the lines above

Dueteronomy 6;4

Ephesians 4:6


Acts 5:3-4

John 10:30

John 4:34

John 15:26   

Define 'consubhtantial'



In your own words, define 'essence'  as it relates to the Trinity