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Recent videos

"Welcome video (Fr. Mark) Chalking the door at Epiphany...why do we do this ? "What is Ordinary Time? (video Fr. Mark)

Sacramental Preparation

First Reconciliation /First Communion activities First Communion resources and activities First Reconciliation activity
How to go to Confession (video) Free Faith Formation Printables (various subjects) Communion crossword(with answers)
Sacramentals   (powerpoint)

General Catholic Resources

 Holy Trinity Church and School website The New American Bible The Vatican website Guidelines for church decoration
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops Catechism of the Catholic Church
General Instruction of the Roman Missal
Daily Scripture Readings and Meditations  Dowling Catholic High School
St. Albert Schools website
Scripture Links - Scripture Mass times for the USA    Diocese of Des Moines

Guide to the Mass

Office of Vocations (Des Moines) Catholic Resources EWTN (Eternal Word Telecvision Network) EWTN in Spanish (El Canal Catolico)
Wedding Resources Funeral Resources Sacraments

Sacramentals   (powerpoint)
The Liturgical Year
Prayer Baptism Resources Eucharistic Adoration Christian Foundation For Children and the Aging (Unbound)



  Catholic Faith resources



Jesus of Nazareth video Roman Catholic Lectionary Faith: What does it mean? (powerpoint) Index of Saints name's and biographies Program for Eucharistic Adoration and Benediction
What is the Church? (powerpoint) How to evangelize (video)
How to share your faith (video)
The Order of Mass Proofs for the existence of God (St. Thomas Aquinas) Attributes of God (powerpoint)
Trinity web quest An overview opf Advent and Christmas Symbols of the Trinity (powerpoint)

Trinitarian Heresies  (powerpoint)

Symbols of Baptism

The Catholic Lectionary

Symbols of Baptism (powerpoint)

Church Documents Titles of Jesus Understanding Jesus True God and True Man  
The last Things:Judgment Getting to Heaven (video) The Four Gospels (audio presentations) Catholic Information The Sacraments
Catholics and the veneration of the saints (video) Liturgical Year:Powerpoint Lent  (powerpoint)  
What does the Catholic Church teach about purgatory (video)
Principles of Catholic Social Teaching podcasts
Anointing of the sick Foundations of the Church  (powerpoint) The visible head of the Church: The Pope The Reformation  (powerpoint) The Catholic Reformation  (powerpoint)
"Moral Development powerpoint Making Moral Decisions  (powerpoint)

"Morality and Freedom powerpoint
The Cardinal Virtues (powerpoint) Catholic prayers  Chronological list of Popes


  Scripture study Resources


Old Testament Maps Contents of the Book of Genesis Contents of the Book of Exodus Moses receives the 10 Commandments (video)
Understanding the Book of Revelation The 4 Gospels (audio) A Catholic Understanding of the Bible The Books of the Bible  (powerpoint)
Daily Mass Readings Catholic Doctrine of the Holy Trinity

The Prophets Old Testament Prophecies of Jesus

Understanding Islam

Patriarchs (powerpoint)

  Introduction to Exodus (powerpoint) After the Exodus: In the Desert   (powerpoint)
Leviticus (powerpoint)
Joshua (powerpoint)
Reading the Bible Judges ppt
Religious beliefs of the Roman Empire
The Suffering Servant

Suffering servant powerpoint
The Acts of the Apostles
The Divided Kingdom  (powerpoint) The New Testament Era (powerpoint) Jesus in the Old Testament powerpoint Matthew/Luke/Acts  (powerpoint)  
What is grace? Gospel of Mark powerpoint
Jesus and riches True Riches Eucharist and the forgiveness of sins The parables of Jesus
The books of the New Testament The Kingdom: What will it be?  (powerpoint) Understanding St. Paul

St Paul Powerpoint


More Research Links for Scripture htudies

Bible Commentary Jesus: God and Man Catholic Pages Understanding the Bible Notes on the books of the Hebrew Scriptures (Old Testament)
Old Testament survey (book by book) Bible study guides (Old and New Testament Old Testament summaries Old Testament Survey
Books of the Old Testament* Living according to he Bible Old Testament outlines
The Trinity         




Preparing for Confession (powerpoint) Confession Powerpoint

First Communion

The Sacrament of Confirmation (ppt)

Sacrament of Marriage


Holy Orders powerpoint

The Order of Mass

Anointing of the sick (powerpoint) Confession The Sacraments Sacramentals

Gestures and body language of the Mass


Materials for Baptism Preparation Bishop Robert Barron on Baptism (video) Symbols of Baptism  (powerpoint) 
 Baptism Preparation activities    


Wedding Resources

Wedding Guidelines Adobe Acrobat reader required... for a free download click here Catholic Wedding Readings
Diocese of Des Moines Marriage Ministry Wedding Readings
Catholic Wedding Help  


Funeral Resources

Funeral planning guide Readings for Catholic Funerals Some suggested Hymns


Liturgical Year

Liturgical Year    Powerpoint

The Liturgical Year

"What is Ordinary Time? (video Fr. Mark)
Advent/Christmas   Powerpoint

Chalking the door at Epiphany...why do we do this ?
Lent   powerpoint

Preparing for Lent (video)

Why do we fast ? (video)
Holy Week   Advent and Christmas


Prayer powerpoint Catholic prayers    


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