Social Studies               Mr. Neal


The first thing you need to do for this course is make sure you have your network password. There will be a good deal of work on the internet this semester; some done in class, some done on your own. You should also become familiar with the following website:

1 Everyday, you will need to bring the following to class: textbook, notebook,   other readings, assignments, paper and/or pencil

2 Class is a full forty-five  minutes; check the board when you come into the room.

3 The school policy for being late will be enforced. In addition, excessive lateness
will lower your grade.

4 You are responsible for all work. If you miss class see me as soon as possible

after you return. to arrange for makeup work (provided the absence is excused and the work can be made up). This is your responsibility. You will have two days to makeup work unless prior arrangements are made with me. After this, work will be considered late. Late work will receive no more than 70 percent credit (that is 30 percent will be deducted, in addition to any other normal deductions). Work that is more than 1 week late will receive no more than 50 percent credit. If you are absent when an assignment/test/project is due, but were told about it  before your absence, the assignment/test/ project/ will be due the day you return.

5 During class I expect common courtesy. This means the following:

a. Raise your hand if you have a question or a comment.

b. Do not interrupt others when they are speaking

c. Do not disrupt class by getting out of your seat, to throw something away,  sharpen your pencil, get a Kleenex, etc. Wait for the APPROPRIATE time.

d. Do not disrupt class by being off task


6 The following will happen if you stray from these simple rules:

You will be asked to stop what you are doing and/or moved to another section of the room

You will recieve an office referral and other appropriate steps will be taken

 Any situation that is deemed serious enough will result in immediate referral to the  office and other appropriate action.


I prefer classes with a good deal of student participation/ discussion; however, this  requires some simple rules. If we simply respect one another and class time we will  have a good class.

9 The school wide grading scale will be used and anyone who fails a required course will
have to make it up in order to graduate.

10 You will not be graded on your opinion or what you believe, however, you will
be asked to defend your opinion.

The grade distribution will be as follows:

Grades will be based on : tests, quizzes, projects, and daily work . Final grades will
be based on total points earned .

Daily work is to be done either in your note book or on provided worksheets. ALL  assignments that will be turned in are to be done using the following format:

a. assignments are to be typed

b. mechanical and grammatical errors are to be avoided ; if they are distracting to
the reader (me) you will lose points

c. follow specific directions given for each assignment

Not following the above directions will result in the loss of points.

If you are having problems or would like extra help see me to set up a time to meet.